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3.0 Supporting Data

3.1 Genealogies

3.1.1 Genealogy Websites / Personal Recollections

One readily accessible source of genealogy information (and misinformation) are the postings made by genealogists and amateure enthusiasts on various genealogy websites. This information is a mixture of carefully researched summaries, questions, and speculations. Much of the information is incorrect or inaccurate, but genealogy websites are a great source for hunches and insights. Usely (Robertson) Chandler

Ursula (sic) Chandler. Posted on: Brown County In. Query Forum

ROBERTSON REUNION Robert D. O. Chandler and Samantha Smith

Robert D. O. Chandler and Samantha Smith Lucille Casey

Lucille Casey

Lucille Casey Shadrack Chandler

Sheriff and Caplinger Mills.

Shadrach Chandler®ion=11&frompage=99

Correspondence with Darrell Chandler, April 3, 2008. Shadrack Chandler of Maury, County, Tennessee

Shadrack Chandler of Maury, County, Tennessee William Riley Chandler, Jr.

Margaret Elizabeth Overshiner

Margaret Elizabeth Overshiner

Margaret Elizabeth Overshiner

Margaret Elizabeth Overshiner

Margaret Elizabeth Overshiner

Margaret Elizabeth Overshiner

Margaret Elizabeth Overshiner

Margaret Elizabeth Overshiner

William Riley Chandler, Sr.

Children of William Riley Chandler Silas Grantham Chandler Andrew Jackson Chandler

Children of Andrew Jackson Chandler. James Chandler of Monroe/Brown County

James Chandler®ion=11&frompage=99

James and Jane Chandler, Zephaniah and Elizabeth Dover

Note: Brown county was a part of Monroe county until 1817. James Chandler Married in Washington County

Lots of kids around 1820, but all in TN:®ion=-1®ionfriendly=&frompage=99 James Chandler of Daviess County

Father of James Bailey Chandler who relocated to Brown County prior to 1850. James Bailey Chandler

The 1850 Monroe County, Indiana, census for Washington Township also lists a James B. Chandler, age 31, so perhaps born in 1819 (1815 if estimated from the reported age at his marriage) in Washington, Daviess County, Indiana. James married Hannah Woods on 07 Jun 1840 in Brown County, Indiana. Hannah was born in 1822 (based on age 28 in the 1850 census) or 1815 (based on the age at her marriage) in Kentucky. The 1850 census reports five children: William (1842), Nancy (1843), Eliza Ann (1847), Alexander (1845), and Johnson (1848). There are land records for James B. Chandler (and JB Chandler) in The History of Brown County. James B. Chandler appears to be the son of James Chandler of Daviess, County, Indiana:

http://www.familysearch.or James Chandler of Delphi, Indiana

Chandler Foundation Queries James Chandler of Hendricks Co., Indiana

Grave of James Chandler, Hendricks County, Indiana James Chandler (1830-1898), Hendricks CO, IN. Buried in CoatesVill Cemetary, Coatsville, Hendricks County, Indiana. James Chandler of Indiana and Ohio

Chandler Foundation Queries James Chandler of Clay County, Missouri Benjamin Chandler

Is this the same Benjamin Chandler?

Benjamin Chandler and Nancy Arthur®ion=11&frompage=99


Waitstill Benson, connected with New England Chandler families.

Edith Walls

It was most likely a different Benjamin Chandler -- a Benjamin Berry Chandler -- that Edith Walls was married to:

Dr. Benjamin Chandler. "The Clapp Memorial: Record of the Clapp Family in America",M1 Banner Brummet Elizabeth Casey

Elizabeth Casey.

Elizabeth Casey, Second Wife of Shadrach Chandler

NOTES:There are numerous typos and logical errors in the above: Thomas Jefferson Chandler

Thomas Jefferson Chandler. William Chandler, Son of Shadrach Chandler

William Chandler, son of Shadrack Chandler and Anne Brummett Dailey Family Database, Craig Dailey , May 2005: William Chandler, Sr., of Zwitzerland, Indiana William Chandler, Jr., of Zwitzerland or Bartholomew County, Indiana

COY Family Home Page William Chandler, Washington County, Indiana Nathan Chandler

Nathan Chandler is of interest because only he appears in the 1850 Census for Daviess County Indiana

Sarah Hinkle Chandler was previously married to a John Huber-Hoover and also had five children by that marriange. See

Whitfield Ballard Chandler, Nathan's oldest son. Nelson Chandler

The 1850 census shows a Nelson Chandler household in Brown County, Indiana. Nelson was born about 1828 in Indiana and married Mary Polly Allen. Polly (as she called in the 1850 census) as born September 15, 1827, in Tennessee. They were married on December 26, 1844 in Ripley County, Missouri. Nelson is listed as a farmer in the 1850 census. Polly died September 15, 1894, in Oregon County, Missouri. Children:

  1. Chandler, Nancy born 1846
  2. Chandler, Louisa born 1848
  3. Chandler, William Bailey born 24 Jan 1850
  4. Chandler, Mary Elizabeth born 21 Feb 1852
  5. Chandler, Martha E born 7 Jun 1854
  6. Chandler, Annie born 1856
  7. Chandler, Allen B born 1859
  8. Chandler, Nelson born 1861

Notes: The McClungs Thomas Casey, Sarah Ann Price (Rice), Nancy Smith James M. Smith, First Husband of Elizabeth Casey Shadrack Chandler of Whitley County, Kentucky

Shadrach Chandler of Whitley County, KY. This is not our Shadrach.®ion=11®ionfriendly=North+America&frompage=99

Shadrick Chandler of Whitley County, KY. The above Shadrack is probably one of the children of Shaderick Chandler in the 1810 Knox County, Kentucky, census. This senior Shaderick would be the person on interest. He is the Shadrach who married to Martha Elizabeth Pennington sometime well after 1809 when she was born.

Martha Elizabeth Pennington

Shadrach Chandler referenced in Land sale in Whitley County, KY, in 1853.

See marriage of daughter Susanna Chandler to William Monhollen, Jr.

See deaths of the family of William Monhollen Jr.

Could this be the same Shadrick Chandler that owned land in Randolph County Indiana, in 1837? No... there is no indication that this Shadrach Chandler ever lived in Indiana.

Shadrick Chandler, Revolutionary War Veteran in Knox County, Kentucky This is probably Shadrack Chandler of Knox/Franklin county. Note that he is not listed with the veterans from Virgina.

William P. Chandler

Benjamin J. Chandler Elizabeth Chandler, Mother of William and James

Elizabeth Chandler, mother of William and James Anne Brummett of Knox County, Kentucky®ion=11®ionfriendly=North+America&frompage=99

(extracts in the above are from the Hussey Manuscript) Shadrack Chandler b. 1756-7, Lunenburg County, Virginia

Joel Chandler

Shadrack Chandler

John Chandler

Shadrack Chandler and Anne Brummett

One researcher at lists:

Another lists Joel Chandler, Son of Shadrack Chandler, Shadrack Chandler b. 1748, Lunenburg County, Virginia

William Chandler

Judith Roberts

Shadrack Chandler, Mordecai Chandler of Talladega County, Alabama

One Chandler Foundation member lists the following lineage:

Hardy Chandler

"Cases at Law and in Equity, Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Alabama During Parts of January and June Terms 1846", by the Judges of the Court, Tuscaloosa, M. D. J. Slade, 1846. Shadrack Chandler of Franklin County, Georgia Samuel Chandler of Livingston Parish, Lousiana Samuel Chandler of Livingston Parish, Lousiana Henry Chandler and Raga Coonsrod of Fayette County, Kentucky

Raga Coonrod, Wife of Henry Chandler.

Mother of Henry Chandler was Susannah Chandler (

Henry Conrad Jr, Broter of Raga Coonrad. Samuel Chandler of Orange County, Indiana

David Chandler, Son of Samuel Chandler.

Martha Patsy Weaver Braddock Chandler of Jefferson County, Indiana

Robert, Daniel, and Braddock Chandler Rankin Chandler of Sullivan County, Indiana

Ranken Chandler Henry Chandler of Randolph County, Indiana Henry Chandler of Wilson County, Tennessee Jesse Chandler of Franklin County, Virginia

Beginning of thread: Thomas Chandler of Cumberland County, Kentucky Betsy Ann Brummett of Knox County, Kentucky John Arthur of Knox County, Kentucky




3.1.2 Published Genealogies

"Chandler Family History," American Genealogical Research Institute, Heritage Press Inc., Washington, D.C., 1977

"John Chandler Descendent Chart Book, 1600 to Present,&qout; Reunion 2008 Edition, Approx. 136,000 Listings

"The Eason Record," Ruth Winifred (Eason) Lindenberger, Topeka, Kans., 1951

"The Siler family," A. O. Siler, Tribune Print. Co., Charleston, WV, 1922

"Sutherland records: found in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia," Henry C. Sutherland, Crown Point, IN, 1968.

"Genealogical material for Chandler, Bell, Paxson," Nelle Paxson Shultz, Seattle, Wash, 1974.

"The Descendents of Thomas Casey, 1807-1862," Mildred Smith Eslinger, (self-published?), 1976.

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